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Occasionally blogging about programming at blog.davidjs.com
and in Czech about art and personal life on Vnitřní krajiny


What I do

I am web developer with 10+ years of experience. I am detail-oriented and dedicated to deliver excellent results. I aim to create scalable systems of reusable and testable components written in clean code.
I work remotely from the heart of Europe. I prefer ambitious projects and deep work (see great book by Cal Newport).
Often I start some small side project to explore some technology or idea which interests me.

Also I organize evening sessions of Ecstatic Dance in my home town, together with DJ Guy Barrington.

I am interested in personal growth and achieving my potential. I thrive.

Areas of Expertise

  • Typescript / JavaScript
  • Angular
  • CSS / SASS
  • Observables / RxJs / NgRX
  • Nrwl NX
  • NestJS (Backend)
  • Canvas, Media API
  • WebSockets
  • AngularJS

Dusted skills

Technologies I have used or explored in the past. They are either not so fresh in my memory, or I have few-months only experience with them. Some I learned from curiosity, some during on short projects.

  • Ember JS
  • Web3.js
  • Solidity
  • Python (basics)
  • ML (just the basics)
  • Scratch (side project with my kids)
  • Squarespace website customization
David in the woods. Photo by Pavel Vanek.

My Core believes

  • Live long and prosper!
  • Be so good they can't ignore you.
  • Look into your own shadows and integrate them.
  • Take good care of your body, so you can feel great in it.
  • Surround yourself with interesting people, who will support you, and give you honest feedback.

Current projects

Current, since Sep 2020

Merim Groupe

Senior web developer
Merim testing restaurant

I develop new, modern, intuitive and easy to use system for maintenance of franchize fast-food restaurants. Participated in hiring interviews of candidates, leading and educating newcomers, doing code review. Reverse-engineering legacy apps, configuring NX workspace and setting tools for code standardization. Both green-field and legacy apps development.



All roles together :)
Kukátko demo

Ambitious and fun hobby project
Mesmerizing canvas animations based on user selected images or camera input. The result has often psychedelic qualities. Application is currently in private beta, and still pretty much work in progress.

Read more it in article Why do I have a side project.

Past projects

Jul 2019 - Jun 2020

Techniserv IT /

Senior web developer

The most complext project I have on so far, very bright team. I help to develop digitalization of legislature of the Czech Republic's government. There is no public website, as the project is used internally by the government.

Jan 2019 - May 2019

Responsible AI

Pricewaterhouse Coopers logo

I was handling two projects at the same time. One was greenfield project in Angular 7 focusing on managing AI projects. The goal was to set guidelines and review the outputs of AI projects. Find hidden biases in data, test with syntethic data, test models robustness etc.
The other project was managing cloud based BI applications, lot of legacy code.

Jan 2018 - Dec 2018

NakamotoX /
Crypto Exchange


Developing Front-end for crypto-currency exchange https://nakamotox.com. I created highly configurable widgets for crypto exchange dashboard. Widgets for graphs, alerts, semi-automated trading configuration, user management etc. The project failed when Bitcoin suddenly dropped and the funding drained. But you can still google it.
Technologies used:

  • Angular 5
  • WebSockets
  • Observables
  • RxJS

Mat 2016 - Jul 2017

PriceFx /
Ember JS

PriceFx logo

I have develop custom plugin for big customer of PriceFx. PriceFx is a Czech startup delivering top quality pricing software.

Technologies used:
April 7, 2017

CreditInfo Solutions /

CIS - CreditInfo Solutions

My job was to rewrite the application inherited from Bulgarian students to up-to-date standard and to add new functionality. I've worked in a small team of 2-3 developers.
Technologies used:

  • C# (80%)
  • Angular
  • DB Indexes in TSQL

2015 - 2010

ST-Software /
Software developer

SwissTiming Logo

I wrote applications for management of large sport events. St-Software was part of Swiss Timing company.
Technologies used:

  • C#
  • Angular JS
  • TSQL

Before 2010

Older jobs

Junior dev

Mix of jobs not so relevant now, I mention them just for the sake of completeness.
Technologies used:

  • C#
  • Angular JS
  • Java
  • VBA / Excel macros