I develop apps in AngularJs, C#, Typescript. I also blog about programming in my rare free time.

I try to work smart rather than hard. I love learning new stuff and my curiosity is never ending.

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My skills and areas of expertise
My skills and areas of expertise

AngularJs (v1)Expert

Typescript & JavascriptExpert



NodeJs, Gulp, etcBeginner

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My work & recommendations
From 2011 till the end of 2015 I've work for ST-Software (part of Swiss Timing)
I participated on several long-term projects in teams of about 2-5 people.
Before that I've worked for 2 years for T-Systems, part of T-Mobile.
I worked (as project lead) with David on couple of projects during 2010-2014. David is experienced full stack developer. He gain and proved his experience from SQL through .NET backends (C#) to web/SPA clients. David is great team player. He always tries to stay in touch with the latest technologies and development techniques. He seems especially interested with front end technologies.
System for complete management of swimming competitions build for Fina. Main features were: Registration of participants, handling their accommodation, visa, displaying results of athletes etc.
David has been involved as a key developer in the creation of the registration and global database for FINA since the project began in 2014.
David has proven skills in understanding clients requirements and fulfilling our requests to the highest standards. The complexity of our requests have been dealt with very professionally and has allowed our concepts to be realised better than we imagined.

David's competency as a developer has been demonstrated in his ability to complete tasks within our framework and to deadlines, finishing tasks quickly but with ultimate care and attention to detail. The products that we have received have always been very stable and if there was ever an issue, David's knowledge of what he has built enables him to quickly resolve any problems.

David also has a very good communication style with us as a client which makes working with him a pleasure and enables us to drive our project forward much more effectively.
I would have no hesitation in recommending David
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What I read
I read quite a lot, mostly about technology in general, programming, science, space and sometimes about human mind and behaviour. Books I've read considerably formed my way of reasoning about the world. You can take this list as an inspiration. I will be glad for your recommendations.
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